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If you are under 18 years of age then you must ask your parent or carer to post for you, using their e-mail address etc., not your own please.

98 per cent of postings get on this site. If you're repeatedly trying to post something and it isn't getting on, it's because the users of this site don't want it. That's their right.

MoveThat is somewhat unusual in that the users of the site exercise nearly all the control over content.

This has worked well.

But my observation is that users do enforce a more severe policy than I anticipated.

And that means that you can't advertise services or products in the forums: People really don't like it, and they remove these postings very quickly.

And I think the reason is that it is the internet equivalent of fly-posting. It's very noticeable that when two or three adverts have been posted, other postings stop, which is very self-defeating.

The other thing that doesn't seem to go down very well (with me either) is promoting other websites or organisations: if you're starting a cookery website you might think it a brilliant idea to promote your site on It isn't a good idea. Again, it doesn't seem to go down very well with people that use the site, and your posting will likely get blitzed.

Surely everything should be allowed ?

Yes, there is a solid line of argument which runs 'The internet should be a free medium for all expression.'

There are London sites that run nearly everything that is posted on them. I don't have any interest in running something like this. But there are many large London sites that do allow anything provided it doesn't get them sued.

I can't really see it's much fun to run something like this.

It wouldn't be much fun either if I appointed myself as honorary salary-bereft Editor-in-Chief, and decided which of 150 postings every day I was going to accept or reject.

So I hope, like a competent delegator, I've given it to the poeple that use the site.

And I've got to say, you people are really quite severe.

When I handed the thing over, there were several months when I worried quite a lot about the site getting 'killed' .

But this hasn't happened and I think it was the right decision.

So what do I do if my posting isn't being accepted ?

Well the site is policed by volunteer members.

So the one thing you shouldn't do is start to get yourself in the frame of mind that you are a 'customer' of the site. This isn't the right way to go: customers pay money and currently no-one pays anything to post on

I'm sure this isn't you, but if you've been trying to promote your dog-sitting service in 'Pets' where it clearly says that you shouldn't, it really doesn't go down very well if you challenge this with "To Julian and MoveThat staff ........ and I really want an explanation about this."

This is only an example, and its fairly extreme, but it does illustrate one quite important principle of the site: if you want to advertise services from which you gain financially, then we are the 'customer' here, not you.

We will choose which postings we accept where you stand to gain financially, and we will do this according to what we think benefits the users of this site.

There are very popular London sites which will accept all postings. You can find these using Google by typing in 'London' and then another word such as 'services, 'flatshare,' 'pets' or whatever, and we wish you the best of success with these sites.